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E-Series X-Series Links Series OBC Bypass Kit

Models: 27070, 26010, 26040, 25970, 25940, 26070

Models: 26900, 27020, 27010, 27030, 27060, 27050, 27000

Models: 25970, 25940, 26070, 27730

Model: 26610

Model: 27700

Model: 38836
Summit Series      
Models: 27790, 28110, 27940      

Welcome to the Lester Electrical Document Search

To find manuals, warranty information, or other documentation for your Lester Electrical product, simply enter the five digit Lester Electrical model number and press the Search button.

The results you will first see is a list of models with different option numbers. These option numbers refer to specific DC cordsets, AC cordsets, charge profiles, branding, etc. Most models with different option numbers use the same owner's manual, so you may not need to know the specific option to download the appropriate document. Please call a Lester Electrical sales associate at 402-477-8988 if you have any questions regarding specific options.